1965 Datsun Silvia CSP311

Where: autoscout24.com, Trier, Germany

Regular readers will remember the gold Silvia we featured a few weeks ago – well this is the second car found in the same barn in Australia and sold on eBay. Both of these cars are now on a ship bound for Germany where they will be sold to the highest bidder. Those in the know believe these are only second to the Toyota 2000GT as the most desirable Japanese collector car – and rightly so as these were hand built and only around 550 were built with only around 150 thought to survive. This one requires full restoration. Mechanically these are similar to the Datsun Fairlady Roadster so parts are available, restoration to the body, interior and trim will be more difficult, however. As a 1972 Skyline GTR ‘Hakosuka’ sold at RM auctions for $242,000 this year, we think whoever takes this on will have a very fine payday in a few years time when every big collector must have one.

Price: €23,900 (£17,600)