Mazda MX-5 Off-Roader

Advertised on eBay and now Sold

Original Listing:

For sale is my Mazda MX5 ‘Monster Miata’. This thing is completely barking mad, and has caused an absolute storm on the internet since I finished building it, and last week was photographed and written about for an upcoming Magazine appearance.

There have been a few lifted MX5’s built in the USA, and a couple in Europe, but without being rude, these cars are often built to a poor standard. MOT failures that have had the arches hacked out of them and a lift kit fitted.

I’m really fussy and wanted to build one properly. I have owned classic 911’s and Aston Martins, and therefore there was a no expense spared approach to this one. I always like dune buggies, lifted trucks and other off road stuff, so this MX5 was the perfect fun project.

I started out with one of the best Mk2.5 MX5’s I could find, one that had over £1400 spent on it purely in new sills and chassis welding etc. All these Mk2 MX5’s rot really badly, and I looked at many before I bought this one that was in really great condition inside and out, and was previously owned by the head of the MX5 owners club.

This is one of the rarer ‘Phoenix’ edition cars, which means that it has the most powerful 1850cc 146bhp VVTi engine as standard.

It also has:

Heated leather interior
Nardi 3 spoke leather steering wheel
Leather Door cards
Heated Glass screen hood
Remote central locking with remote boot open
Electric windows
Electric mirrors
Upgraded 4 speaker stereo system

The car has been fitted with a Torsen LSD to ensure it grips hard in all surfaces, which it does incredibly well.

Everything else that has been done to this car was brand new or specially fabricated.

The Paco Motorsports lift kit was imported from the USA by myself. This provides a massive 15″ of ground clearance.

Pro-Sport extended adjustable anti-roll bar drop links.

The 15″ steel wheels were fabricated specially for this vehicle. They are painted metallic black with red ‘RAYS ENGINEERING’ decals lacquered into them.

The nudge bars, light bars and other metalwork were hand fabricated by a local company and are excellent in design and build.

The Hella lights are all brand new, fully working, and wired perfectly using 30 amp cabling and banks of Hella relays. They are wired to 2 switches in the dash and can be ran independently of the car lights, or will come on with high beam or a flash of the lights. They are stupidly bright and very very cool…

The car has been fitted with a Pipercross high flow filter which sounds great.

Steel roll hoops – very sturdy.

Sabelt tow straps front and rear, plus Sabelt roll cage protector wraps around the side bars of the roll hoops.

Ducktail spoiler

Focus RS bonnet vents

29″ mud Terrain tyres.

2.5″ Jap style arch flares.

Pressed metal rear plate.

The colour is NATO GreenGrey in extreme matt finish.

The car comes with a Tonneau cover as seen in the photos, which can be fitted when the hood is down.

The CB antenna is a 6ft Sirio whip, all correctly mounted and wired in, and is wired to a TTi CB in the dashboard, which was professionally installed into the second DIN unit. It has all the FM/AM UK/EU/USA Channels.

Stainless steel exhaust system painted ceramic black.

The car has been undersealed with RAPTOR.

The head unit has been upgraded with a Bluetooth, handsfree, USB system with remote control. It sounds very good and will stream music off your phone via bluetooth, make and receive calls etc.

The car has just been 3D aligned and toe/camber set.

The interior of the car is in excellent condition for the age and everything on this vehicle works correctly as it should. It is a brilliant to drive.

The hood is in good condition and the car is watertight even in heavy rain.

I cannot describe how much fun this thing is on the road. It is truly crazy. It handles well, can be chucked around quite a lot, it goes well, sounds great.

It attracts attention like you would not believe. Everywhere you go people are shouting, waving, taking photos. If you park it anywhere, expect to find people having their photo taken next to it.

It looks like it shouldn’t be allowed on the public highway, but it’s all perfectly legal.

Starts first turn of the key and runs great as you expect from an MX5.

The heater and the heated seats are amazing, and make it the perfect vehicle for summer or ripping up the snow in winter.

11 Months MOT.