1964 Auto Union 1000

Where: classicdriver.com, Holland

This cute Auto Union coupe holds a secret – on one knows quite what it is. It was found in a lock-up in Frankfurt in the 1980s with a bunch of other AU cars and parts kept there by a group of enthusiasts. At some point the car was sold off to the present owner who has had it completely restored. However as not much was known about the car, much of the restoration was guess work done to the new owners taste. The front grille and bumper are from an Audi 60, front windscreen from a Fiat 850 coupe, there are some NSU parts and Porsche 911 doors! The original engine was replaced with the current unit as the first was too racey – it sat at idle at 3500rpm. The question is, is this an official Auto Union prototype, or a one-off special? Whatever, it is a great looking, fascinating car.

Price: POA