1965 Autobianchi Stellina 800

Where: www.autoscout24.com, Brescia, Italy

This is one of those cars that you only ever see in old Italian car mags – and this is the first one we have ever seen in the wild. It’s a very low production model (only 500 made) from 1963-1965 that was under-powered and over-priced. However, that now makes it rare and interesting, at least to us! These cars were made from fibre-glass so no problems with typical Italian body rot, and this one has been treated to a complete restoration. This is also a later 800, with a slightly bigger 792cc motor compared to the earlier 600cc. In fact, these cars are so rare, if you Google “Autobianchi A 1000 Stellina”, pictures of this actual car come up first!

Price: €22,000 (£15,950)