Burt Reynolds ’77 Trans Am


Julien’s Auction House of Beverly Hills in California has just completed a sale of Burt Reynolds memorabilia sold by the man himself to raise a little cash.

As it turned out Burt walked away with a total haul of $2.5 million before auction fees, helped massively by the sale of this 1977 black Trans Am.

Burt famously drove an identical car in the now iconic movie ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ and was estimated pre-auction to sell for between $60k and $80k. When the hammer finally fell the car sold for a whooping $450,000!

The incredible thing is this actual car was never seen on screen, and was in fact used by Burt on the movies US promotional tour and subsequently presented to Reynolds afterwards.

This red jacket worn in the sequel to the original film was also sold for $34,375, way above estimate – one can only hope the same buyer bought both items and is as we speak east bound and down, burning rubber and taunting Smokies as he goes!