1978 Austin Princess 2.2 HLS

Where: autotrader.co.uk, United Kingdom

Now PistonJuice is not suggesting that by it’s inclusion on the site an Austin Princess is a great car, but what we are concerning ourselves with is the fact that buying, owning and maintaining this car is tantamount to ensuring it does not go extinct in this country. There are only seven licensed Princess HLS Autos left in the UK, and this one must surely be the best. It’s only done 10,813 fully documented miles since new and has had 3 very careful owners. The interior and under bonnet area all look immaculate, and the full-length sunroof is a superb extra bonus. We are not sure this car is worth £7,000, but would be very happy if someone thought it was worth that to save this model from potential extinction.

Price: £6995